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History of Cuba - State Sponsor of Terrorism - About.com
US-Cuba relations have been sour since the 1959 Cuban communist revolution. The history of Cuba as a State Sponsor of terrorism didn't begin until 1982, ...
State Sponsors of Terrorism - About.com
Who's on and Who's off the State Sponsors of Terrorism List ... Cuba, for example, remains on the list despite the judgment of the CIA in 2003 that,"We have no ...
Luis Posada Carriles -- Cuban Exile Behind Cubana ... - Terrorism
Posada may be the world's only former CIA operative who is wanted on charges related to international terrorism. An anti-Castro Cuban, Posada was schooled ...
Axis of Evil - Countries US Government Consider Sponsors of ...
Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria are the countries considered state sponsors of terrorism. ... The official word on those countries that are "state sponsors of terrorism: ...
Examining the Function and Efficiency of Tort Liability for State ...
One of these exceptions applies to the victims of state-sponsored terrorism. .... Attacks on airplanes outside of Cuban territory constitute terrorist activity under the ...
OFAC Compliance - What Every Business Should Know - Terrorism
In the cases of certain programs, such as those regarding Cuba and North Korea, all foreign subsidiaries owned or controlled by U.S. companies also must ...
Terrorists - Terrorism - About.com
Terrorists. Who are they and what do they want? Here, find terrorist groups organized ... There are currently four states on the list: Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.
The Cuban Revolution - Latin American History - About.com
The ramifications of the Cuban Revolution would change world politics forever. ... these repressive governments waged a war of terror on their own citizens.
Terrorism in America - Historical Guide - About.com
Terrorism in America goes back to the founding days of the colony, and has continued ... In the United States, flights going to and from Cuba frequently hijacked, ...
Airport Security Screening Measures for Countries of Interest
14 countries are listed as "countries of interest" or state sponsors of terrorism with ... 4 countries known to be sponsors of terrorism - Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.
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