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Airline and Airport Security

Find analyses, notes on emerging trends and histories of airline and airport security, as well as information about rules and guidelines for travelers.

Key Agencies in Homeland Security Efforts
Many federal agencies participate in homeland security, whether they set policy, gather intelligence or prepare for attacks. About Guide Robert Longley has compiled this comprehensive list of links.

Airline Security and International Terrorism, a Linked History
International terrorist attacks have driven innovations in airline security systems. The intertwined history of airline security and international terrorism is in pictures, here.

Department of Homeland Security Announces New Airline Security Program
The Department of Homeland Security announced a new Airline Security program, Secure Flight in August 2007. The program, intended to go into effect in 2008, may streamline the process of checking passengers against no-fly lists, but it may also threaten passengers' privacy.

TSA and Airline Security-TSA's Airline Security Methods Don't Work
The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was created after the September 11, 2001 attacks to ensure airline security. In 2008, TSA measures appear to amount to little more than "security theater," according to journalist Jeffrey Goldberg.

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