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Terrorism and terrorist attacks around the world

Terrorist groups and terrorist attacks have taken place in every corner of the world. Check country categories for terrorist attacks, terrorist groups and other terrorism news around the world.
  1. Afghanistan (2)
  2. Pakistan (6)
  3. Africa (2)
  4. Middle East (14)
  5. Lebanon (2)
  6. United Kingdom/ Ireland (4)
  7. India (4)
  8. Japan (1)
  9. United States (5)

Voices on Gaza
The Israeli attack on Gaza has provoked a related incursion, of voices from around the world, into our shared virtual space. Combative and forgiving, self-righteous, trenchant, bitter, questioning, answering, passionate, dispassionate, pleading, violent, exhausted, and in search an answer to the uniquely human fact of historical injustice, here are some of the voices speaking out from ar…

Israel and Hamas - Guide to Israel Hamas Relationship
Israeli air strikes and ground incursions into Gaza in December 2008 made manifest a conflict simmering between Israel and Hamas since the early 1990s. Find sources here explaining the actors and the history behind the Israel Hamas conflict.

Guide to the Hamas Fatah Standoff
Hamas' growing power vis-a-vis Fatah was revealed when it won the 2006 parliamentary elections. By 2007 it was in control of Gaza.

Hamas History - Guide to Hamas, Second Intifada and Suicide Bombing
The second intifada, which began in September 2000, was much more violent than the first. Hamas and other groups began to use suicide bombings to achieve strategic advantage against the Israeli military; Israel, in turn, responded with greater violence and broader punitive measures against Palestinian civilians.

Hamas Response to the Oslo Accords
Hamas began suicide bombing in 1993, largely to register protest against the framework for Palestinian autonomy worked out in the Oslo Accords.

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