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Mitt Romney on the War on Terror, the Iraq War and Homeland Security

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Mitt Romney on the War on Terror, the Iraq War and Homeland Security

Mitt Romney

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Campaign Status:

Former Massachusetts Governor (2002-2006 Mitt Romney announced his candidacy on February 13, 2007.

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  • War on Terrorism:

    Romney stands out among candidates for his stringent view of international terrorism as a function of "radical Islam" based in the Middle East. Romney tends toward language that approximates the current Administration's stated mission in the region, to describe his platform for their defeat:

    The defeat of this radical and violent faction of Islam must be achieved through a combination of American resolve, international effort, and the rejection of violence by moderate, modern, mainstream Muslims. An effective strategy will involve both military and diplomatic actions to support modern Muslim nations. America must help lead a broad-based international coalition that promotes secular education, modern financial and economic policies, international trade, and human rights.

    Romney also favors maintaining heavy pressure on Iran, designated as a state sponsor of terrorism by the U.S. State Department. In January, 2007, he presented a five point plan that included tightening economic sanctions on Iran and isolating Iranian president Ahmedinijad from the international community. Romney explicitly added that with respect to Iran's nuclear program, "the military option remains on the table."

    War in Iraq

    Romney has consistently supported the Bush Administration's Iraq decisions, and said little else about the war. In May, 2006 he visited Iraq as an expression of support for the troops from Massachussetts.

    Homeland Security

    Romney was actively engaged in addressing states' security roles and needs while serving as Massachusetts' governor. He also served a one year appointment in 2004 on the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

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