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Middle East based terrorist groups

Terrorist groups and paramilitaries based in the Middle East.

All About Al Qaeda
Al Qaeda isn't just one organization, but a loose network of affiliated groups with a similar ideology of global jihad. Leaders, affiliated organizations, history and news here.

Menachem Begin (Irgun Zvei Leumi)
Menachem Begin began his career in British Mandate Palestine as the head of the a right-wing Zionist militia, Irgun Zvai Leumi. Some say he should be remembered as a terrorist, while to others, Begin was a heroic player in the founding the state of Israel.

Islamic Jihad -- A profile of Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Palestinian Islamic Jihad combines Palestinian nationalism, Islamist ideology, and a belief in armed confrontation with Israel.

Hezbollah (Lebanon)
The summer 2006 fighting between Hezbollah and Israel gave the Lebanese terrorist group global prominence. A profile of Hezbollah explains who they are and what they want.

Hamas, the Gaza based Palestinian movement, is both a political party and a terrorist group known for its history of suicide bombings.

Fatah Al Islam
Fatah Al Islam was founded in 2006 in Lebanon, raising new questions and fears about the spread of radical Islamist extremism in the region.

Carlos the Jackal (PFLP; independent)
The terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal offered the image of terrorist as a glamorous, ruthless criminal able to pull off amazing capers, then elude authorities.

Ayman Al Zawahiri (Al Qaeda; Egyptian Islamic Jihad)
Ayman al Zawahiri began his life as a militant Islamist as a fifteen year old in Cairo. An ambitious leader, he later became what many suspect was one of the chief planners of the 9/11 attacks.

Al Qaeda in Iraq
Al Qaeda in Iraq, also known as "Qaidat Al Jihad in the Land of Two Rivers" was formed in 2004 under the leadership of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. The group continues activity in Iraq today.

Al Qaeda Leaders
Who runs Al Qaeda besides Osama bin Laden? These presumed Al Qaeda leaders strategize, plan and command operations for the organization and its affiliates.

Al Qaeda
A profile of the terrorist group, Al Qaeda

Abu Nidal -- Terrorist Leader
The Palestinian terrorist leader Abu Nidal was known in the 1970s and 1980s as a prolific, if paranoid, terrorist. Learn more about Abu Nidal here.

Osama bin Laden (Al Qaeda)
This profile of Osama bin Laden traces his life from childhood and schooling to his association with the Afghan Mujahideen, to the declarations of jihad that have made him the world's most notorious terrorist.

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