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Pakistan and terrorism, including attacks in Pakistan, Pakistan's engagement in terrorism, and role in the U.S. war on terror.

December 20 Ayman Al Zawahiri Videotape May Offer Clues to Pakistan Bombing
Al Qaeda's Ayman Al Zawahiri videotape of December 20, 2006 may offer clues to an earlier bombing in Pakistan. Analysis of the Zawahiri videotape suggests that Al Qaeda's media facilities were damaged in October, 2006.

Terrorism Timeline: Pakistan and the Global War on Terror
Pakistan plays a conflicting role in the global war on terror. The country is a U.S. ally in the war, but is often accused of supporting Taliban and Al Qaeda presence in its northern provinces. Pakistan also has nuclear ambitions. This timeline of Pakistan's role in the war tells the story of Pakistan's complex relationship to terrorism and the war on terror since 2001.

Pakistan War on Terror Complicates Benazir Bhutto Return
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan in mid-October 2007 to hammer out details of a power sharing plan with President Musharraf. Her return was encouraged by the U.S., to pursue war on terror goals, but she was greeted by an assassination attempt.

Pakistan Kashmir History -- Guide to Pakistan India Kashmir Terrorism
Pakistan's Kashmir history is an integral part of its foreign policy and military policy. In order to understand Pakistan's relationship to the war on terror and with Islamist groups, it is important to factor in Pakistan's interest in Kashmir. Kashmir's contentious existence has made it home to militant groups who have used terrorist tactics to provoke separation from India.

Pakistan Intelligence Agency--Directorate of Interservices In…
The Pakistan Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Interservices Intelligence, has been accused of supporting Taliban fighting in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier, militant groups in Kashmir and working to undermine cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in its pursuit of militant groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

U.S. War on Terror Is Unlikely to Become Pakistan's War on Terror
The U.S."war on terror" depends deeply on making the war Pakistan's war on terror as well. As of September 2008, several factors suggest this will be difficult at best.

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