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Types of Terrorism

Google "types of terrorism" and you'll find sources declaring that three, four, or even six or seven types of terrorism have been discovered. But terrorism--as a human activity--has as many types as we decide there are. Here you'll find types of terrorism defined in terms of ideological intention, and others based on the weapon involved.
  1. Religious terrorism (5)

The concept of narcoterrorism has evolved since it was folded into the war on terror.

Cyberterrorism: Latest Threat to National Computer Security?
There have been fears of cyberterrorism since the 1990s, but it was the 9/11 attacks made national computer security a high policy priority. What is cyberterrorism, how concerned should be about its threat, and what is being done now to protect national computer security?

New Cyber Command Will Fight Wars and Battle Terrorist Attacks in Cyberspace
Many believe that wars and terrorist attacks in cyberspace are the next major threat. The United States has created a Cyber Command to lead and coordinate cyber warfare. But defining cyber warfare may change our definition of war itself.

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