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Abu Ghraib Prison


Abu Ghraib Prison

Prisoners in American custody were forced to create a human pyramid at Abu Ghraib Prison


The Abu Ghraib province west of Baghdad in Iraq became a household name globally when news of American troops torturing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison brok in April, 2004.

During the Saddam Hussein era, the prison complex housed political prisoners. Many were tortured and executed there. U.S. forces took over the prison in 2003, and renamed it the Baghdad Central Detention Center.

Scandal erupted when photographs taken by American military police, depicting their abuse and torture of Iraqi detainees, became public in April, 2004. The photographs revealed torture based largely on the sexual humiliation of the detainees. Seven soldiers engaged in the prisoner abuse were subsequently convicted in court martials on dereliction of duty and assault and battery charges.

The Abu Ghraib prison scandal caused lasting harm to the American reputation and increased skepticism about American motives in its declared "war on terror."

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Alternate Spellings: Abu Ghurayb
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