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Iraq War

The war in Iraq's progress, policy and politics are explained and analyzed in these pages. Find news and analyses of major groups and players, American policy in the region, and the shifting relationships between the Iraq war, terrorism and the war on terror.
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Guide to the Iraq War
Operation Iraqi Freedom is the name given by the U.S. military to the March 20, 2003 invasion of Iraq and and subsequent military activities there. The relatively quick toppling of the Saddam Hussein government was followed by the equally quick rise of a loosely organized resistance to the U.S. occupation, made up of fighters with different motives, from the restoration of Hussein's regime to the…

Iraq War and America
The lessons of the Iraqi resistance, who saw the U.S. as an occupation force, are still important in the ongoing saga of the Iraq War and America.

Iraq War and War on Terror Remain Linked on 6th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks
Although Iraq was not behind the 9/11 attacks, the linkage between the Iraq war and the War on Terror remains fundamental to U.S. foreign policy in 2007, on the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Iraq War and Terrorism in Iraq: Who is Fighting It?
The Iraq war and the issue of terrorism in Iraq has become increasingly difficult to understand from afar because there seem to be so many parties fighting it, and because they are now engaged in multiple wars. Here is a breakdown of the the armies, militias and groups who are fighting.

Iraq War -- Bush Iraq War Justifications Timeline
President Bush Iraq War justifications have changed several times since the invasion in 2003. Keep up with the current reasons, with this Bush Iraq War justifications timeline.

Iraq War: Civil War or Al Qaeda Provocation?
By November 2006, analysts, media and some policy makers agreed the Iraq War is a civil war. President Bush clung to the explanation that Al Qaeda was the main cause of violence.

Iraq troop withdrawal -- What next for US troops in Iraq?
In 2006, US Congressional elections turned on troop levels in Iraq. In 2007, Congress set out to vote on Iraq troop withdrawal plans, but ended up with a troop surge. As of March, 2008, the fate of 140,000 troops who will remain after July is still unknown. Here are six factors that will affect their future.

U.S. Troops In Iraq: How Many Troops in Iraq Should There Be?
The number of U.S. troops in Iraq was an issue of controversy before the 2006 Congressional Elections.

Is Iraq a Front in the War on Terror?
Is Iraq a front in the War on Terror? This article offers arguments for and against the links between Iraq and WMD, Iraq and al Qaeda, and Iraq and jihadists.

Iraq War Definitions: Amnesty Plans
Iraqi leaders have considered amnesty plans for former Baathists, and even for Sunni insurgents, as a way to wipe Iraq's slate clean and give the country a fresh start. The U.S. hasn't warmed to the idea.

Iraq War Definitions: Iraq Partition Plans
The potential partition of Iraq into distinct ethnic and religious areas has been around since the beginning of the Iraq War. The U.S. government says it won't accept partition ... and yet, the idea keeps surfacing.

Iraq War Definitions: Baghdad
Baghdad, a central location in the Iraq war, is one of the world's oldest cities and home to one of its newest conflicts.

Abu Ghraib
Abu Ghraib is both an Iraqi province, and the location of Abu Ghraib prison. U.S. military police photos of detainees' abuse in 2004 linked the name to scandal.

Al Anbar Province
Al Anbar province in western Iraq has become a breeding ground for insurgents.

Iraq War Coalition Fatalities by location and time
This map, a project of ifatalities.org, uses audio and active visuals to show U.S. and Coalition fatalities in Iraq since March 20, 2003. Double "click" on the red button to begin the map.

Number of U.S. Casualties in Operation Iraqi Freedom
A government table of the number of U.S. combat & non-combat casualties in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, updated every Tuesday.

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