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What is Terrorism and Who Defines It?

Terrorism is a complex term with a long history and different meanings, depending on the context and who uses it. Here you’ll find articles that define terrorism and explain different facets of the term. Also on this page: glossaries of related terms and terrorist groups, and links to how other experts and international conventions define terrorism.
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Blogs on terrorism-A Guide to Blogs on Terrorism, Iraq & Security
Blogs on terrorism, the war on terror, counterterrorism and U.S. policy can critique, poke holes, poke fun, probe facts and pose questions that the mainstream media can't always.

Definitions of Terrorism
International bodies such as the League of Nations and the United Nations, as well as domestic organizations such as the FBI have sought to define terrorism since the late 1930s. Here, find text and links to definitions of terrorism and terrorist acts.

Types of Terrorism - Guide to Different Types of Terrorism
Types of terrorism defined. from bioterrorism, to ecoterrorism to nuclear terrorism.

State Terrorism -- A Definition of State Terrorism
State terrorism, as distinct from other forms of violence carried out by states, is defined here.

Is State Terrorism a Good Category?
The term terrorism comes from the 18th century French state's "reign of terror." But is the category state terrorism useful in the 21st century? Weigh the pros and cons here.

Bioterrorism - Guide to History of Bioterrorism and Biological Weapons
What is Bioterrorism? Read on to learn more about the history of bioterrorism and biological weapons

Defining Terrorism through Multilateral Conventions
Multilateral conventions and protocols on terrorism implicitly define terrorism by creating international consensus about which acts should be criminalized and prosecuted.

How the U.S. PATRIOT Act Defines Terrorism
The 2001 Patriot Act defined terrorism broadly to expand its investigative & surveillance powers after September 11. Some argued too broadly.

Counterterrorism Expert Bruce Hoffman Defines Terrorism
RAND Corporation's Bruce Hoffman defines terrorism in this chapter from his book, Inside Terrorism

International Agreements on Terrorism
The World Legal Information Institute has compiled international conventions--agreements between different countries that are less formal than treaties--on terrorism. Follow the links to find out how organizations from the Arab League to the United Nations agree to handle bombing, hijacking, hostage taking, financing and other terrorist crimes.

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